Using ForwardMX with Namecheap

Namecheap already comes with free email forwarding for most domain purchases. If you want extra speed and privacy you change to ForwardMX. This guide only works if you use Namecheap as DNS server. If you use Cloudflare or any other, check out our other guides.

Doing this is easy as described in the following steps:

1. Go to “Advanced DNS”

Open your domain settings and then “Advanced DNS” tab.

Namecheap advanced DNS

2. Email Settings

Scroll down until you see the Email Settings. Change the Dropdown to “Custom MX”.

Namecheap Email Settings

3. Set MX Records

Now you can set the MX records to the following values: - Priority: 10 - Priority: 20

so it should look something like this:

Namecheap Set MX Records

Click save, and our system will catch up the changes within about 5-30 minutes (it can take up to a few hours in some cases) from which point on you will be ready to receive emails on your Namecheap domain!

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