Using ForwardMX with Cloudflare

Using ForwardMX with Cloudflare is one of its original use cases. In this Wiki entry we will go through the whole setup to use ForwardMX as your MX server and receive all your domains emails while using Cloudflare as DNS provider. Now let’s get started.

We assume you already have setup your domain with Cloudflare.

If that is not the case, check out this guide by Cloudflare.

1. Go to your DNS settings

Open Cloudflare and switch to the domain you want add ForwardMX to. You will have several options on the top; choose the “DNS” one.

Cloudflare DNS settings

2. Choose MX record

On the DNS panel select MX from the form at the upper part of your DNS table.

Choose MX record

3. Set the host to “@”

@ means your domain. If you add any other value here, the email would be only working on a subdomain. Like if you use www instead of @ emails, it will be valid only to [email protected] which is not what you want.

 Set the host to at

4. Configure the MX record

Click on the next form element and a modal will popup requiring you to add an MX server hostname and the priority. Use these values: - Priority: 10 - Priority: 20

as seen the following pictures:

Configure the MX record Configure the MX record

Also do not forget to click the “Add Record” button after each.

Add Record

5. Done

If everything is right it should look something like this:


Now wait until our system picks up the changes (with Cloudflare this usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes) and you are ready to receive emails on your Cloudflare domain!

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