This page serves as transparency report and warrant canary. Should there ever be any government requests to give out data or plant a backdoor this page will reflect this information.

We take privacy very serious and want our users to feel safe working with us. Emails are a very private thing and no government instance should have the right to access any of your data. As we do not save emails for longer than the transaction takes and do not keep any logs ether there is not much to get anyway.

  • We have never turned over our SSL keys to anyone.
  • We have never allowed anyone to backdoor our network.
  • We never turned down or even removed a customer due to political pressure.
  • We have never given any kind of data* to third parties.

* Note that we do our Payment processing with Stripe and do not safe any credit card details ourself. Therefore your credit card data is handed over to stripe, but without further context other than your email.

As of 23.9.2020 there have been no searches or seizures for any ForwardMX assets.