Quick update: Emails received counter

Quick update: Emails received counter

Just a quick update for our platform. Probably the most asked for feature that was left: Emails received counter per forwarder

In our last update we implemented the most requested features. But one thing that some people suggested did not make it into that update. The email received counter.

The plan was to not log, ever. And we still stand by this. However having a counter for emails does not mean we have to log anything other than the amount of emails received. This feature was kind of planned from the beginning but did never make it into the release. On the server side however we already implemented a basic logic to count emails received shortly before we null the logs.

So we are pleased to say that we updated this feature to be visible in the frontend and the numbers are already right for all your domains and email forwarders.

In the same step we also decided to clear logs hourly (and push the numbers back to the server directly after) instead of daily. This makes sure that there is no relevant data to get ever if someone decides to size our servers, which is close to impossible anyway thanks to our swiss hosting provider.

We hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do. Make sure to create the relevant aliases for your social emails instead of using the catch all to get a more detailed overfew to where the emails actually go

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