How to set up a family email address using

How to set up a family email address using

The first time i came in contact with email forwarding was long before i started hoarding domains and side projects. It was when i bought my family name as domain.

Back then Email was different. If you setup your own email server you were still received by major email providers. GApps still had a free option and services like mailchimp were never heard of. You had a bunch of semi professional email providers with funny domain names tho, something you do not easily find these days.

However, the first time i wanted pure email forwarding was when i bought my surname.tld domain. I did not want to host any content, and i did not want any third party mailboxes who then save copies to use for forwarding. I really just wanted to receive emails to my beloved, then some small swiss service, private email.

Why familyname.tld?

Not only back then but even today having your surname as domain is considered something special, especially by non IT people. Most people have their [email protected] emails and at some point made a [email protected] email later. One beeing to imature or random for professional things and one beeing to personal for random things. A third one is often to much hustle because these are already 2 different inboxes you have to check at best on daily basis.

With my [email protected] often times people think i am a company. Sometimes they just look at me like some kind of magician. But in almost every case it is impressive and leaves a good professional taste. Which is exactly why i originally bought it.

Make your family happy

Naturally i dont invented my family name on my own. There are a bunch of people in my environment who share that name with me. Today even my grandmum has a custom email with her name (even thought it goes into the mailbox of my mum)

I think the happiest was my sister. She got so much positive feedback for her email address from possible employees that it made it worth it a 100 times. She is not in IT and nobody even understood how this is possible. It made a good impression on every CV she ever sent out.

And think about it, HR people only browse your CV very fast. Every little detail that can make you stand out, especially in the first page, is good.

Get your surname domain

Yeah i get it, most people are not giftet with a relatively rare name. But with all the new TLDs we got a huge selection from possible domains to choose from for your family domain. As american you might think you are stuck with .com, but what about .us (the TLDs that actually means U.S.) or even .org, or .net. There is also nothing that speaks against .io

If you are from a different country you may just want to choose your local TLD or if not available also look into options like .net or .io

As always i recommend Namecheap for all your domain purchases. As they are usually the cheapest choice and offer proper professional support

If that made you want your own surname.tld email address check out Namecheap and click the logo above and signup to ForwardMX to get the perfect family email solution.

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