Implementing Feedback. First updates

Implementing Feedback. First updates

We implementing some changes to come back to your feedback. Thanks a lot for all the input we got so far, we hope you enjoy our service.

After a rough start we aquired quite a few interested users so far who gave us valueable feedback which we now happily have implemented. We present you:

/dev/null blackholes

No idea how we could have forgot about this because it seems so obvious now. From now on you can choose /dev/null as destination and emails will be thrown away. The user who sent a email to this blackholed address will get a notification that the email was discarded. Perfect for your no-reply email aliases.

That said, consider not having a no-reply blackholed. Sometimes you can get really funny (and valueable) responses from these ;)

Multiple Emails

This is a feature that was already there but not implemented and not yet failsafe. We now implemented some logik to make sure you can not easily break your forwards by using a faulty syntax and added a mention how it works. Essentially you just need to comma , between your emails. A whitespace is not allowed after the comma but if you forget about that the system will just remove it

Gmail issue notification

Some of you have noticed that you can not send emails from the email account you forward to if you use gmail. This is indeed awkward and easy to come to the wrong conclusion that it does not work. You need however use a third email to test it because Gmail simply does not show these emails in the inbox if they are sent from themself.

We added a notification when you create the alias to avoid future confusion

This are our new features for now! Thank you for using our service!

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