Why we are not free (but affordable)

Why we are not free (but affordable)

We get 2 kinds of feedback. Good ones and "why is this not free" ones. In this article we want to show you why it is not and why we most likely wont do it in future ether.

We get it, Namecheap offers free email forwarding, so does Google Domains & GoDaddy. If you are happy and have access to that you are very likely not our target audience. But in fact those services are not "free" they are offered to you for buying a domain and only work if you use their DNS. We agree that is awesome, but it is not suitable for anyone.

I got used to Email Forwarding with Namecheap, but when i changed nearly all my productive domains to Cloudflare (yay page speed & free SSL) i started to really miss that feature and looked for alternatives. Soon i began to realize that there are only fullstack email solutions out there. Like mailboxes + SMTP + IMAP, all stuff i dont need. The pricing reflected all the features as well so it did not really suit me. Creating forwarding for every domain in individual mailboxes sounded like a lot of work as well.

Some domain resellers offer email forwarding as add-on. Which is cool, but can get expensive when you have a lot of Domains, which I, and I am sure some of you, have. I dont like beeing selective which projects i want to add Emailing for. I want that [email protected] always ends up in my inbox.

So why do people think we should be free?

I mean i get it, every other SaaS offers free accounts. Thats a good thing. It is easy to get started these days while using professional tools. But we are not that. We want to be able to deliver high quality email forwarding, and honestly that is not free. Right now it costs me about $20/month to run this service. These costs will definitly grow over time, next to the development, monitoring and updating costs. With free accounts we will end up with hundreds if not thousands of free users and maybe a few more paying ones than we can aquire now. All those free users will lower the quality of the service while not enabling us to grow in a cost effective way.

A typical domain maybe will receive 5-20 emails/month. But some will receive hundreds or thousands of emails. If the majority of those accounts will be free users we have costs for something that does not earn us money. We pay for traffic, we pay for hosting, why should we throw out these resources for free? Especially when we invite abuse that way which again just lowers the service for paying users.

Someone suggested we should add a traffic cap to allow free accounts. I explained that this is not possible because that would require logging & tracking, which i want to avoid to do. For whatever reason, we are not going to do that.

So this is why it is called "Premium"

Exactly. We want to provide the best service possible, at all the time. We want to grow with the needs and not think about budgeting or opting in for less professional hosting just to save some money. We want privacy, political freedom, super fast forwarding and a exceptional service. This is nothing we easily can provide for free.

And lets face it, we are not expensive. $9 a year is less than 2 coffees or beers. We are not trying to rob you, in fact i dont think this service will be profitable anytime soon. But thats not the point if our target is providing high quality email forwarding and not growing as fast as possible.

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