New Features: Rubygem & Wordpress Plugin

New Features: Rubygem & Wordpress Plugin

In our task to get more and more easy we release 2 new external features today. Our Ruby gem to use ForwardMX in your Ruby applications more easy and our Wordpress plugin to auto create email aliases for your Wordpress users.

We want ForwardMX to be easy and accessible for everyone, our todays step for this aim are 2 new external features which are available from today.

 Wordpress Plugin

With our Wordpress Plugin we make it super easy to provide email aliases for your Wordpress users. If you run a community for Wordpress or just want your admins and mods appear more professional this plugin got you covered.

ForwardMX Wordpress Plugin

We are not yet available in the Wordpress store (and maybe never will, because it is way to specific anyway) but you can download the plugin anytime from our website. Check the plugins wiki page for more information.

 Ruby gem

With the Ruby gem it got even more easy to use our API within your Ruby scripts and applications. We reflected the complete API into our simple to use Rubygem. Feel free to check out our Github page as well as the Rubygems site.

Expect more stuff coming up in future, meanwhile we hope you enjoy ForwardMX

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