About ForwardMX

ForwardMX is a simple but powerful email forwarding service helping you to receive all your emails to a central inbox fast & simple by changing the MX records for your Domain.

Who is this for and who can pass?

The last thing we want to claim is that we are the best solution for anyone. In fact many of you may already have a free solution just as good as ours. Let's ignore our superior privacy and look at a few others:

DNS Service Free Forwarding Why choose us?
Cloudflare We claim to be the perfect addition for Cloudflare. In fact Cloudflare is part of the reason we exist.
Hover They offer email forwarding for $5/domain/year. At the second domain you save money with us.
Namecheap They are not the fastest solution, and sometimes bounce a email or two but if that is ok for you we cant argue with that
Gandi.net They limit you to 1000 emails/month. We dont like limits, maybe you are ok with that.
GoDaddy Even if we dont know why you use GoDaddy at all. It essentially comes with the same issues as Namecheap
Google Domains Google Domains comes with free forwarding. We can not compete with that, its Google :)

Some reasons why we are still better:

The Backstory ...

It was a typical cold October day in Switzerland Switzerland when someone called me to tell me they could not send me emails; my email seems broken. Clearly, I panicked. It turns out the free service I was using with my domain bounced it because of "being spam". Was it because it is German and has a commercial footer? I don't know, but I knew I need a solution.

I owned many domains, and used about five different services to receive emails so as the surmount various limitation peculiar to each service provider. Some domain resellers may offer "free" email forwarding, but you lose it when you use Cloudflare as DNS, and the only services providing email redirects are either fully backed (expensive) email solutions, or not reliable enough for advanced use.

Then I met ImprovMX.com, which provides free email forwarding! Which is awesome, but damn it is slow and if you make a mistake or need changes there is no way to do that. There is no support desk to help as well. Not to mention it is only one server, so no fallback, and that was down more than once. This lapse means that emails get lost because emails don't wait for a server to get back up, especially not a few days.

And there was the idea born:
Provide a service with a friendly interface, fast email forwarding and actual service.

We claim to be the cheapest and simplest solution to receive emails on your domains, if you experience the same thing liky my case and you want all your emails redirected to your central inbox fast this may is the optimal solution for you too. I also want to mention that I thought this through for days and came to a realization that I can not offer this for free while keeping quality high enough for my needs. As long as I charge I can easily upgrade the specs of the servers per need and provide an always fast emails transport.

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